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Professional Training & Consultancy Program

Product Licensing & 
Global Commercialization

Don,t Let Your Learning And Ideas Go Scrap - Invent, Monetize It Globally.

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Opulence Consult

Business School - Professional Program & Courses

We aim to empower students to change the world

Opulence Consult, a leading provider of professional training and consultation services, is transforming the way inventors, startups, universities, and individuals bring their product ideas to the global market. The company is introducing its services to India and is eager to capture the untapped market.


With a focus on product licensing and global commercialization, Opulence Consult offers a unique business model that eliminates the need for a traditional and costly business setup. This groundbreaking approach propels inventors towards accelerated success, bypassing the regular hurdles that impede their progress. It furthermore allows clients to navigate the complexities of the global market with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

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Why Enroll in Our Programs?

Smart Pitch & Training for All range consumer  products

Opulence Consult embraces a wide range of product ideas, recognizing that even seemingly basic concepts can lead to tremendous success. From innovative kitchen utensils to small design modifications, Opulence Consults services empower inventors to tap into the vast  potential of the global market.

In Accordance With Global University Guidelines for Business Schools and Courses.

Regardless of their background or professional position, anyone can leverage Opulence Consult to process to license their ideas. This inclusive approach enables everyone, right from a first-year college student to a C-level executive with an idea to
explore endless opportunities in the global market.

Professional Mentors

Through professional coaching, end-to-end consultation, and mentoring, Opulence Consult guides clients on how to license their products to global companies. The company also provides invention consultation, access to companies accepting ideas worldwide through open innovation, university courses for management students, and assistance with fundraising and

Global Program's

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“Make Companies Work For You, Rather Than You Working For A Company.”

Saurebh Baviskar

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