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Invention Consultation - Startups, Universities

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To facilitate collaboration between college and companies across the globe. This shall direct students, teachers, staff to deal with decision makers and C-Level executives of global companies and submit their ideas and innovations with proper marketing materials to companies for commercialization and create the right first impression into the International marketplace. Valuable and knowledgeable resources shall be shared with the members to bridge the gap between the industries and the academia, so the students and the staff members get to develop the practical industrial experience of dealing with corporate employees and ultimately signing of the contract/deal. This shall provide them with professional skills and development to invent new products and directly deal with Multinational companies resulting in licensing deals, commercializing the new products and generating a revenue source for College and community members. At the completion the students shall put forward their new ideas, products to international companies, as per the domestic and Int market requirements developed by the College. They shall business the in-depth process of Open Innovation and negotiating a contract with companies to monetize the Intellectual Property, Patents and impacting the stakeholders.

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